Friday, May 25, 2012

Mama say Mama sa MamaKusa

Quote of the Day: By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she's wrong!!

Hello Curvy Divas,

A little over a week ago we celebrated Mother's Day. A day to honor our mothers for their love, kindness, and wisdom. Holidays are always bittersweet for me. I can celebrate being blessed with a healthy, happy mother, grandmother, AND great grandmother but my heart always goes out to my close friends who have lost their mothers and grandmothers. Also those who never really had a healthy relationship with their mother. That was one reason I decided to do this post. In addition the fact that MY mother requested since I was doing all this writing, I may as well write about her. lol So I decided to share with you the things I learned up until this point in my life. (some courtesy of my mom and others not so much)

Mama Taught me: always wear clean underwear, dont fall for the okie doke, never depend on a man, get your education, every chance you get do something nice for ya mama, selfishness will not get you into heaven, always wear a slip when you go to church, you dont need makeup, take a break when you need it, dont be afraid to try something new, dont be afraid to get a lil crazy sometimes, call your grandparents because they love hearing from you, and PRAY about every important decision in your life. Granted I've learned so much from my mom, directly and indirectly by simply observing. Then there are things she never covered like love, sex, failure, anxiety, courage, and what being independent really entails.

I remember my first sexual "encounter", it was with a guy I was in "like" with. No we werent dating and he made no promises to become my boyfriend but we messed around anyway because I REALLY liked him. What I learned: Never sacrifice my body or self worth as a means to justify how much I "like" someone. I also remember a time when the boy I was dating because so upset he struck me against the face. I never told anyone. What I learned: When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

There was another time when I was in a relationship that had run it's course. I wanted to leave but became comfortable. What I learned: There is a time for everything. A time to love, cry, hold on, and a time to let go. I LET GO! The Last Lesson I will share with you comes from Maya Angelo referenced in her book, Letter to My Daughter.
"The ship of my life may or may not be sailing on calm and amiable seas. The Challenging days of my existence may or may not be bright and promising. Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude. If I insist on being pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am blessed"

So what does one do if your mom never gave you advice or if your mom is no longer here? You learn from life. Life has always been the best teacher. Its funny how life will place people in your path to teach you exactly what you need to know. That is if you are open to learn! That's all for today ladies, enjoy the weekend and acknowledge those mother(s) in your life.

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Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.



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Friday, May 18, 2012

Musical Orgasm

Quote of the Day: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - Maya Angelou

Hello Curvy Divas,

Musical Orgasm: an experience in where one is moved by music to a level of consciousness which is characterized by feelings of ecstasy, omniscience, immortality, and sublime understanding. It does not, however, refer to a sexual thrill, nor is it characterized by emission of seminal fluid. -via Urban Dictionary.

The recent deaths of music legends like Whitney Houston,Etta James, Chuck Brown, and Donna Summers have left a void in my heart. It has resulted in hours of reminiscing. I play their songs over and over and think about what I was doing when I first heard them. Oh the love songs I played thinking of past lovers. (Donna Summers-love to love you baby,Whitney Houston's-I believe in you & me, I will always love you, Etta James-At Last) The heartbreak songs (Etta James- All I could do was cry or I'd rather go blind. Whitney Houston-I learned from the best) The songs that make you get up and Dance (Chuck Brown-bustin loose,Run Joe.  Donna Summers-Last Dance, Bad Girls, She works hard for the money).

The artists mentioned above among others have at one point in time resulted in my experiencing of a musical orgasm. (see definition above)  Musiq soulchild's "So Beautiful "comes to mind. It is something about a song that speaks exactly what you are feeling or the music is so melodic that it carries you outside of your body and lifts you to some alternative universe. Whew!! I'm getting excited. I think we've all experienced it. Its like the first time you hear it, you're like where the fuck has this song been all my life. hahaha But seriously music heals the soul. As a music lover, I enjoy various forms and genres of music. The music you enjoy also tells alot about you. I would love to hear some of your fav songs, ones that have erupted into a musical orgasm for you. ;)  Place your songs on my facebook page or tag me as you post on your timeline.

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These recents deaths are a reminder that each day isnt promised and you never know when your TIME will come. There is a saying I live by, Life is too short to be anything but HAPPY. So do what makes you happy, love the one who lives to make you smile, get freaky sometimes, and travel. Collectively they are a recipe for happiness.  

Untill next week.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.



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Up close pic so you can see the ruffle detail on the shirt

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Seeing is Believing!!

Quote of the Day: The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. - Ayn Rand

Hello Curvy Divas,

Welcome to Friday and your weekly date with "Sin". ;) This week has been uneventful for the most part. I had finals this week and Lawd have mercy(excuse my "accent" I'm southern) but I took the hardest test of my LIFE. Which is saying alot because it seems as if I've been in school all my life. This week I had my psychopharmacology exam which focused on psychiatric medications and when I tell you I sat down at that desk,looked at the test and said aloud WTF. Normally I would have been embarassed but the nods from my classmates' heads confirmed they were equally unamused by the sheer madness of the exam. I said a prayer, answered those I knew and answered "C" for everything else. Isnt the rule, when in doubt pick C. Well I surely doubted and I'm pretty sure at least 40% of my answers were C. Thankfully I did well on my other assignments so I should still pass the course. What about you, How was your week? Did your boss get on your nerves or was it that stupid co-worker who always finds a way to get under your skin? Anyway its the weekend and you know what that means, you have time to unwind, wind down, or get crunk.

So this week's topic is Seeing is Believing. I came across this idea for one because I'm a visual person and two because I've discussed with a friend about getting together and doing a VISION BOARD party. If you are an Oprah or Iyanla Vanzant fan, you know what I'm talking about. If not it is a collage of your dreams and desired future. The premise is visually focusing on your dreams helps move you closer to them. Some people place pictures of themselves with a cap and gown to represent completing a degree or certification. Others place dream homes, cars, or kids. Whatever floats your boat.
 The process of creating the board helps you identify what you want. It goes from being just an IDEA to something tangible(you can actually see it).  One very important key to vision boards is ACTION. The bible says faith without work is dead. Allow the board to get your creative juices flowing. Think of how you can make those images come to life. There is nothing to it but to DO it. It is my vision that everyone achieves that which they want and deserve. Do you want a life you can be proud of? Show me. Try the vision board and send me a pic. I would love to share it with the rest of the readers.

No pics from me this week but I will have one next week. Also if there is a topic you want to know more about  just write me. Also next week Im thinking of adding a midweek blog entitled Girly Gossip. Let me know what you think. See you next week, until then DREAM BIG.

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Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.


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Monday, May 7, 2012

P.S. Body Beautiful: Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man part 2

P.S. Body Beautiful: Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man part 2: Quote of the Day: When you know better, you do better.-Oprah
Hello Curvy Divas, Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and now you're ready ...

Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man part 2

Quote of the Day: When you know better, you do better.-Oprah

Hello Curvy Divas,

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and now you're ready to get back on your grind this Monday. I had the opportunity to see the Cirque de Soleil perform Immortal(a tribute to Michael Jackson) this sunday. Let me just say it was high energy, then sentimental, and ended with a BANG!!! Great show and accurate depiction of his life from childhood up until his death. The OOTN photos below are from the show.

Now on to the topic at hand. After pondering over the characters from the Think Like a Man movie, I realized that I've been several characters throughout my life. In my late teens and early 20s I had the mindset of Megan Good's character. Although I didnt sleep with every guy I met, I did attempt to use my body to attract them. I thought that's what guys wanted and so that's what I flaunted. Around my junior year of college I began to meet a different caliber of men of whom I enjoyed stimulating conversations and dates to musems instead of just the normal dinner and movie. This is when a shift occurred and I began to realize that guys that I attracted physically were not mentally up to par if you know what I mean. They werent dumb, but not the smartest either.

It was also in my mid 20s that I also began a serious relationship and some of my other "traits" began to show. Sometimes as women when we have something good, we want to keep it by any means necessary. I was in a loving relationship and I began as Gabrielle Union's character, the ride or die chick. There was nothing I wouldnt do for my boo. As time progressed I began to neglect my own wishes and desires just so my boo was happy. I began to lose myself in the relationship and forgot about my needs. It was then that I blossomed into Wendy William's character the bitter and bossy woman who attempts to control everything in her relationship. Those traits are ultimately what ended my relationship. It took a lot of soul searching but I've learned from my mistakes in an effort
to not allow them to repeat themselves. Woooosaah!! It's hard to think about it even now as I write this. But we live and we learn.

I would like to personally thank everyone who wrote in and shared your stories and character traits. I was shocked that some people admitted to sleeping with various men for love or just so they wouldnt feel alone. It takes alot of courage to look at yourself honestly and identify those things that need improvement. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, the second is doing something about it. In all things honesty and love will prevail. Be honest with yourself about what you want and need in a relationship. Secondly love yourself first and you wont have to search outside of yourself to find it. See ya later this week with our weekly blog and the new Diva of the Week.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.


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Friday, May 4, 2012

P.S. Body Beautiful: Thank God it's Friday!!!!!!

P.S. Body Beautiful: Thank God it's Friday!!!!!!: Quote of the Day: Life is short, wear your party pants! – Loretta LaRoche Hello Curvy Divas, Thanks GOD its Friday. For many it's ...

Thank God it's Friday!!!!!!

Quote of the Day: Life is short, wear your party pants! – Loretta LaRoche

Hello Curvy Divas,

Thanks GOD its Friday. For many it's the end of the work week and the beginning of time to wind down. How will you end your week? having a drink with your girls, dinner or a movie with your boo, washing your hair AGAIN,catching up on your favorite shows or curling up with a good book? Well I have a busy week planned so be prepared for more OsOTN. Friday night I'm scheduled to attend a graduation dinner, saturday a Cinco De Mayo inspired party, and finally sunday to see the IMMORTAL tour. It will be jam packed but I'm excited.

Today's blog is about stepping outside your comfort zone. The pics are a tunic worn as a dress. I wouldnt actually wear THIS tunic out(I've worn others in my past)but it was my way to encourage stepping out of my zone. Another thing I never do is not match. yeah I know color blocking and mismatching patterns and colors is "in" but I always found that hard. So this blog and the pics are my way of TRYING something I'm not usually comfortable with.

 What is your fashion faux pas? Do you avoid skinny jeans,tights, showing off your legs, arms, or wearing certain colors? I challenge you today to try something new. It can be something you've admired that others could do, something you thought you would never try, or something you've wanted to try but was too scared. Carpe Deim-seize the day. If it doesnt turn out as you thought it should,SO WHAT. Life is meant to be lived. You never know, you might LIKE it.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.


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Thursday, May 3, 2012

P.S. Body Beautiful: Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man Part 1

P.S. Body Beautiful: Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man Part 1: Quote of the Day: Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. – Byron Katie Hello Curvy Divas, I'm sure by now ...

Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man Part 1

Quote of the Day: Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. – Byron Katie

Hello Curvy Divas, I'm sure by now many of you have had the opportunity to see Steve Harvey's movie, Think Like a Man, I'm interested to hear your thoughts? Personally I enjoyed the movie despite it being a shameless plug for Harvey's book. Kevin Hart should be commended for his natural ability to infuse comedy with everyday life. Honestly he carried the movie to me. Also enjoyed the fact that Megan Good had the opportunity to go from the femme fatale to a respectable woman with standards for herself and body. However,this blog was not created to critique the movie, instead I wanted to explore some of the everyday issues that many of us may face within relationships. Let's start by identifying our own role. If you had to choose a characters in movie, who do you relate the most with while in a relationship?

Megan Good: (Ms. I put that thing on him and he keeps coming back) Female with a nice body who always uses it as bait to catch a guy and then wonders why he never calls or makes you his girlfriend.
Tariji P. Henson: (Ms. I dont need a man because I have my own, but it sure would feel good to be held sometimes) Independent Woman who is successful and has an actual list of unrealistic requirements that a man must have to date her.
Gabrielle Union:(Ms. Ride or Die chick) Stands by her man through thick and thin. Always caters to what he wants and at times forgets her own happiness.
Regina Hall:(Ms. I just need a good man to help me raise my son) Single mother working hard to raise a child but still seeking the one.
Wendy Williams:(Ms. Bossy) She wears the pants in the relationship by controlling every aspect of her husbands life.
Kevin Hart: the weak person in the relationship who does everything your partner tells you. You like having someone else in control because you are not the take charge kind of person.
Terrence J: the mama's boy/daddy's girl. You love your mom/dad and their opinion/approval means so much to you. Your parent thinks the world of you as well and thinks NO ONE is ever good enough for their baby.
Michael Ealy: the dreamer who is constantly inspired by some new idea or profession at least once a twice a year. Most of the time you are broke because you are in between jobs.
Jerry Ferrara: self absorbed and feel that those closest to you should only cater to your needs. you lack initiative and drive to set and achieve goals. you wanna be a big kid forever.
Romany Malco: The player who knows exactly what to say to make a woman feel safe, comfortable, or loved. The only problem he does this with every woman he meets.
Chris Brown: The shameless hoe. always identifies the opposite sex as just a "friend" and uses every opportunity to sleep with all his "friends".

  Ok so I know this is long so I will have to break it up and do a part two. I would love to hear who you most relate with. either post below in the comments section,via FB:Sin Namon(psbodybeautiful), or Twitter (psbodybeautiful).

 Part 1 of this series focuses on the individual first because in order to relate with others, you must first know what you bring to the table. Part 2 will be posted Monday containing which character I identified with, an OOTD, and tips on how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship.  Also check back tomorrow(Fridaaaaaaaay) for my usual weekly post and the Diva of the Week.

  Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.