Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank God it's Friday!!!!!!

Quote of the Day: Life is short, wear your party pants! – Loretta LaRoche

Hello Curvy Divas,

Thanks GOD its Friday. For many it's the end of the work week and the beginning of time to wind down. How will you end your week? having a drink with your girls, dinner or a movie with your boo, washing your hair AGAIN,catching up on your favorite shows or curling up with a good book? Well I have a busy week planned so be prepared for more OsOTN. Friday night I'm scheduled to attend a graduation dinner, saturday a Cinco De Mayo inspired party, and finally sunday to see the IMMORTAL tour. It will be jam packed but I'm excited.

Today's blog is about stepping outside your comfort zone. The pics are a tunic worn as a dress. I wouldnt actually wear THIS tunic out(I've worn others in my past)but it was my way to encourage stepping out of my zone. Another thing I never do is not match. yeah I know color blocking and mismatching patterns and colors is "in" but I always found that hard. So this blog and the pics are my way of TRYING something I'm not usually comfortable with.

 What is your fashion faux pas? Do you avoid skinny jeans,tights, showing off your legs, arms, or wearing certain colors? I challenge you today to try something new. It can be something you've admired that others could do, something you thought you would never try, or something you've wanted to try but was too scared. Carpe Deim-seize the day. If it doesnt turn out as you thought it should,SO WHAT. Life is meant to be lived. You never know, you might LIKE it.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.


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Dress/Tunic:Ross Dress for Less. Belt: Target. Shoes:Payless
2nd Diva of the Week is Nikki from Mobile,AL. Congrats girl!!!! Blazer-Sears, shirt-old navy, skinny jeans-Forever 21, Shoes-Target.

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