Thursday, May 3, 2012

Act Like a Woman, Think like a Man Part 1

Quote of the Day: Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. – Byron Katie

Hello Curvy Divas, I'm sure by now many of you have had the opportunity to see Steve Harvey's movie, Think Like a Man, I'm interested to hear your thoughts? Personally I enjoyed the movie despite it being a shameless plug for Harvey's book. Kevin Hart should be commended for his natural ability to infuse comedy with everyday life. Honestly he carried the movie to me. Also enjoyed the fact that Megan Good had the opportunity to go from the femme fatale to a respectable woman with standards for herself and body. However,this blog was not created to critique the movie, instead I wanted to explore some of the everyday issues that many of us may face within relationships. Let's start by identifying our own role. If you had to choose a characters in movie, who do you relate the most with while in a relationship?

Megan Good: (Ms. I put that thing on him and he keeps coming back) Female with a nice body who always uses it as bait to catch a guy and then wonders why he never calls or makes you his girlfriend.
Tariji P. Henson: (Ms. I dont need a man because I have my own, but it sure would feel good to be held sometimes) Independent Woman who is successful and has an actual list of unrealistic requirements that a man must have to date her.
Gabrielle Union:(Ms. Ride or Die chick) Stands by her man through thick and thin. Always caters to what he wants and at times forgets her own happiness.
Regina Hall:(Ms. I just need a good man to help me raise my son) Single mother working hard to raise a child but still seeking the one.
Wendy Williams:(Ms. Bossy) She wears the pants in the relationship by controlling every aspect of her husbands life.
Kevin Hart: the weak person in the relationship who does everything your partner tells you. You like having someone else in control because you are not the take charge kind of person.
Terrence J: the mama's boy/daddy's girl. You love your mom/dad and their opinion/approval means so much to you. Your parent thinks the world of you as well and thinks NO ONE is ever good enough for their baby.
Michael Ealy: the dreamer who is constantly inspired by some new idea or profession at least once a twice a year. Most of the time you are broke because you are in between jobs.
Jerry Ferrara: self absorbed and feel that those closest to you should only cater to your needs. you lack initiative and drive to set and achieve goals. you wanna be a big kid forever.
Romany Malco: The player who knows exactly what to say to make a woman feel safe, comfortable, or loved. The only problem he does this with every woman he meets.
Chris Brown: The shameless hoe. always identifies the opposite sex as just a "friend" and uses every opportunity to sleep with all his "friends".

  Ok so I know this is long so I will have to break it up and do a part two. I would love to hear who you most relate with. either post below in the comments section,via FB:Sin Namon(psbodybeautiful), or Twitter (psbodybeautiful).

 Part 1 of this series focuses on the individual first because in order to relate with others, you must first know what you bring to the table. Part 2 will be posted Monday containing which character I identified with, an OOTD, and tips on how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship.  Also check back tomorrow(Fridaaaaaaaay) for my usual weekly post and the Diva of the Week.

  Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.



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