Friday, June 29, 2012

Papparazzi, No pictures please!!!

Quote of the Day: I love it when ugliness is beautiful. I love character flaws. - Marcia Gay Hard

Hello Curvy Divas,

The end of the week is here for some and just beginning for others. Either way I hope you make the best of it by letting your hair down and doing something just for YOU!!

Today and this weekend I will be on CELEBRITY MODE. That means I'm rocking sunglasses and avoiding all cameras. Why? Well, a lovely stye(or star as we use to say downsouth)  has appeared on my right eye and clouded my vision literally. It has grown from slight puffiness to a rather large hard lump on my eye. Initially I wanted to show a pic but after taking several and realizing that it looked a lumpy red mess, the better decision was to show myself with glasses. Excuse the right eye it's looking a bit lazy even under the glasses.
So this will be my look the remainder of the weekend. Sunglasses mixed with my new T.W.A.(teenie weenie afro).

See you next week for a special 4th of july edition and a SPECIAL SURPRISE JUST FOR YOU!!!

I'm too impatient to hold the secret so shhhhhh, here it is. After my 4th of july edition, I will have a blog takeover day next friday by a fellow plus size fashion blogger. I've spilled the beans already so I wont tell who or what she wants to discuss. Until next week.

The 10th Beauty of the Week is Theresa "babycakes" from Montgomery, Ohio. Congrats!!! lovely dress & accessories from Rainbow.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.

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