Friday, June 22, 2012

California Dreaming

Quote of the Day: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.-Walt Disney

Hello Curvy Divas,

The last week has been CRAZEE. I celebrated my birthday, visited cali for a week, and currently still suffering from the change in time zones. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I have laid in the bed for the last 2 days upon returning to MD just to return to a sense of normalcy. In addition to my bday it was also my besties bday, father's day, my friend's lil brother high school graduation and my sister and mother's bday respectfully. Sheesh, I'm surrounded by geminis. But that I dont mind because we are always a hoot to be around.

On to the Cali trip. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Cali and this was my first opportunity to visit. The trip to cali made me realize several things. #1 I was not prepared to drive or walk up all those hills in northern cali(san francisco). #2 I would probably go seriously in debt because most stores are 2 or 3 levels. #3 Cali is seriously expensive. #4 The traffic and overpopulation is overwhelming. and #4 Cali can be cold as shit, even in the dead of summer. (make sure to pack a jacket if you go)  Although I truly enjoyed myself, I felt a week was not long enough to really "enjoy" all the city has to offer.  Yes I was able to see some of the sites (cable cars, the financial district, fisherman's wharf, china town, north beach, and even parts of oakland), but i did not get to ride a cable car, cross the golden gate bridge, or visit any clubs. I will definately put it back on my to do list.

Below you will find some pics from the trip and our diva of the week, my bff who shares my bday. Check back later today for the second blog post.

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The first collage shows the hills I had to climb, Pier on Fisherman's wharf, China town, hotel, and the after graduation party. Jacket-Target, tights-H&M xlarge, blk flats-payless, pink top thrifted.

The 2nd collage gives your a view of the city, bay bridge, my tank/ suv rental, traffic, my new favorite restaurant in Oakland(Pican,best brunch EVER), and pics of me with the graduate at the Greek Theatre.
black V neck tshirt-rainbow, cream tank and burgendy tights-H&M, multicolor dress-Kmart (LYS line), Blk/White dress-local boutique.

Our 8th diva of the week is Jama from Glen Burnie, MD. Her Khaki jumper is from Rainbow, sandals & bag from Gussini(local store), necklace-DOTS.

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