Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soooo Ready for Spring!!

Quote of the Day: The most effective way to do it, is to do it. - Amelia Earhart. Hello My Curvy Divas Hopefully this week has started on a good note for you. Monday was such a busy day for me. It started with over a million errands followed by two graduate level classes. I did not leave class to close to 10p.m., mind you I was up around 8a.m.(but I digress). I endured it due to wearing my superwoman panties. Sooo today I had the pleasure of creating FB and Twitter accounts for the blog to keep everyone up to date with looks and news. Also because I want you to have a more immediate way to contact me. Today's post will be short. I just wanted to provide you with the contact info to add me to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook: PSbodybeautiful Twitter: @PSbodybeautiful I couldnt leave without leaving you with a sneak peek to some outfit combos. Check them out and give me some ideas.(if I choose your idea, I'll tag you on FB/Twitter). Later this week I will post pics of me modeling at least 2 outfits, plus I will feature a Diva I know in one of her favorite outfits. Enjoy the Rest of your week. Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You. Sincerely, Sinnamon

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  1. Don't lay those yellow cheetah print pants down anywhere.... you won't get them back!!